The Project

MA.GI.A S.r.l. has developed an intelligent system, which is able to offer immediate digital support to all types of tourism entrepreneurs by offering tailor-made solutions with zero impact.

MA.GI.A. S.r.l. is developing a European project “Design Smart and Green Tourist Buildings” within the framework Horizon 2020

To develop the advanced stages of its model (TRL 7 = demonstration of the prototype in a real operating environment TRL 8 = definition and complete qualification of the system) ,was created this innovative start-up MA.GI.A srl. The project proposes the construction of a model of residential tourist building (integrating priorities 1, 3 of the green deal with the priority 4 dedicated to constructions and renovations).

Project Rendering

Call: H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 (EIC Accelerator pilot – SME Instrument)